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Fanficaholics Anonymous
Recent Entries 
18th-Oct-2011 03:16 pm - Harry Potter reminder!
Weasley Sandwich Pic
Just letting everyone know that there's only 2 weeks left to post your Harry Potter fanfiction recommendations!

Go to this entry to leave your recs.

Thanks! :)
11th-Sep-2011 12:47 pm - Monthly Fandom #7 - Harry Potter
Girl and dog
In honour of the recent completion of the movie series, the new fandom we are reccing will be HARRY POTTER.

Comment to this post with your recommendations. Rules:

1. You have a maximum of 16 recs per member;

2. Ideally, one rec per genre, but we're not gonna be anal about that. For our new members, to the FAQ on our profile page and you'll see the list of genres we accept;

3. Fill out the form as per usual to submit your recs. Click here to see the form to use for your recs. Don't bother making the title display as a link, just give me the link and title, because it makes it much easier for me to copy and paste stuff into the fandom lists.

4. Make sure you check the list of recs first so we don't have any repeats!

You have four weeks to submit your recs. Deadline is around the 9th of November.

Remember, the more you rec, the more chance you have of being the winning recommender, which means you'll get a banner as a prize for your profile page and also the privilege of choosing what fandom we do next.

Happy reccing!

Girl and dog
Dear fanficaholics members and watchers!
You love to write, right? You do it all the time and you can’t stop thinking about it, right?

So come on down and join us at the October Writing Challenge! This is the 2011 edition, and our 2nd year – we’re back and better than ever! The challenge is to write ten shorter entries and one longer entry between 12:01 am on Oct. 1st and 11:59 pm on Oct. 31st! Entries can be either original fiction or fanfiction, and every fandom is welcome!

If you do Nanowrimo like us, think of it as a sort of warm-up! =) So please check out the challenge and join us this year (and every year in the future!) for writing challenges (as well as a little Halloween fun)!

Can’t wait to write with you this year!

latemarch, one of the mods over at octoberwriting (an affiliate of fanficaholics.

Well, this mongoose has signed up. God help me. I think it's gonna be fun!
18th-Aug-2011 11:42 am - Looking for a new fandom
Girl and dog
Does anyone have any suggestions for what fandom the community should focus on next? I haven't heard back from our Fruits basket winner dog_eared_one, so it'll probably end up going to a poll.

Comments with suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks. :)
8th-Aug-2011 01:36 pm - Fruits Basket Winner!
Girl and dog
Hi Everyone,
We have a clear winner!

The winning fic for the Fruits Basket fandom is: A Bump in the Road by w0rdinista, recc'd by dog_eared_one.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get anyone to make a banner. Still working on that. I will try to contact dog_eared_one to get her preference for the next fandom, but her LJ has been inactive for quite a while.

Interest in this community has pretty much died. I'll do my best and keep trying, but I'm not anticipating much activity in the future.

Thank you to the 3 people who got involved with voting.

26th-Jul-2011 08:08 pm - Fruits Basket: Round Three
Girl and dog
Sorry it's a couple of days late, been having some trouble accessing the site.

Time to vote for your favourite overall fic for the Fruits Basket fandom!

Poll #1764811 Fruits Basket Round Three

Which Fruits Basket fic do you prefer?

A Bump in the Road
Blushing Kisses
Seven Days
The Prince of Snows
Grass Under Your Feet
So Sets the Fire
Like This

I'll leave this here until the end of the week.
Fucking interesting
Hi guys,
Happily, we only have one tiebreaker for the fandom (I was getting a bit nervous because it looked like we were going to have three).

Please vote for the Drama fic you want in the final fandom poll.

Poll #1762566 Drama Tiebreaker Poll

Which Drama fic do you prefer?

A Bump in the Road
Secrets of the Sohma
In the Absence of Memory

I'll leave this here until Thursday 21st of July 2011. Please note that in the event of another tiebreaker, the mods will make the final call.
14th-Jul-2011 01:22 pm - Just a friendly reminder...
Girl and dog
Just letting everyone know that there's only about 24 hours left to vote on the Fruits Basket polls! It's been a bit quiet, and we're hoping to avoid tiebreakers if we can!

So please, have a quick squiz at the fics and cast your vote!

Round Two (either tiebreaker round or final poll) begins Friday 14 July.
Girl and dog
Poll #1759939 Romance Poll

Which Romance/WAFF fic do you prefer?

Blushing Kisses
One Last Chance
A Battle Lost
Tohru's Prince
Spring Heat
Dance of the Curse
8th-Jul-2011 04:50 pm - Fruits Basket, Round One: Humor
Girl and dog
Poll #1759937 Humor Poll

Which Humor fic do you prefer?

Seven Days
Full Course
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