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Hello and welcome to fanficaholics, a tribute to the inimitable Guilty Pleasures website. All fandoms are welcome and respected here, provided they contain fanfiction of a reasonable standard.

fanficaholics will be extremely interactive and as such, we are looking for members who are prepared to participate and get involved with community activities. If you don't feel you can spare the time, it would probably be better if you just watched us for the time being.

This community is currently under construction and will be moderated by rikkitsune and ice_cool_dragon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?
fanficaholics does not have open membership. If you would like to join, please read the introductory posts here and here. Leave a comment on this entry telling us why you think you would make a valuable member, then come back here and click "to join this community, CLICK HERE" to submit your request to the moderators.

Why was my application for membership declined?
We felt that perhaps this community wasn't right for you, or your fandom involvement didn't match the standards we were looking for.

Can I post here?
Only the moderators can make posts in this community, for the reason that everything is much neater and easier to manage that way. You are more than welcome to comment on entries.

Will you accept my fandom?
Show us some good fics and your fandom will be added to the list.

What genres do you accept?
We used the Rurouni Kenshin Reader's Choice Awards website to assist with our genre guide. Here is what we accept:

Alternate Reality
New Character

How do you choose your fandoms each month?
Members recommend a maximum of 16 fics each for any given fandom. The moderators then compile a nice shiny list of all recommended fics for the members to browse over a period of a few days to a week. After that, polls are put up for members to vote for their favourite fic.

The member who recommended the fic chosen as the winner gets a cute banner as a prize as well as the option to choose the fandom for the next month.

If the member is inactive, or can't decide on a fandom, the floor will be open to members for suggestions, and a poll will be done.

What happens if members can't decide which fic is the best?
If there are two tiebreaker polls for the same fics in a row at any stage of voting with no clear winner, the moderators will make the call.

Ratings and Content Guidelines

What ratings do you accept?
We accept all fanfiction ratings up to NC-17, provided they meet certain guidelines.

Fic recommendations containing racism, sexism, discrimination on the basis of religion, sexual preference and other forms of cultual degradation or discrimination portrayed in a favourable light will be deleted immediately.

Rape, incest, torture, sexual abuse/assault, S&M and other sexual deviances are all delicate subjects that we take very seriously. Recommendations for badly written fics containing any of the above will be deleted immediately. Remember that we are searching for quality, well-written work.

We will let you use your own judgement in this area (we wouldn't have let you join if we felt we couldn't trust you), but please note that the moderators will make the final call.

We look forward to seeing you all.

rikkitsune and ice_cool_dragon.


OCTOBER 2006: Rurouni Kenshin

To see the list of fiction recommendations for this fandom, click here and here. To see rikkitsune's Mod's Choice for this fandom, click here.


To see the list of fiction recommendations for this fandom, click here.

JANUARY - MAY 2007: Pride and Prejudice

To see the list of fiction recommendations for this fandom, click here. To see rikkitsune's Mod's Choice for this fandom, click here.

MAY - JULY 2007: Labyrinth

To see the list of fiction recommendations for this fandom, click here. To see rikkitsune's Mod's Choice for this fandom, click here.

JULY - OCTOBER 2007: Inuyasha

To see the list of fiction recommendations for this fandom, click here.

OCTOBER 2007 - AUGUST 2011: Fruits Basket

To see the list of fiction recommendations for this fandom, click here.

SEPTEMBER 2011 - NOVEMBER 2011: Harry Potter
Currently in progress.

Resources and Affiliates

We're slowly compiling a list (a turnpike if you will) of fanart, icons and other paraphernalia that we believe is related to the fanfiction we recommend.

Fanfiction/Works in Progress
labyrinth_ex runs regular fanfiction exchanges for the Labyrinth fandom. There are some very high quality pieces to be found there.

rk_fic_exchange is a newly created community which will run Rurouni Kenshin fic exchanges. The first exchange is set to run from December 2011 - February 2012.

octoberwriting runs challenges every October. Writers submit 10 pieces over the month of 1000 words or more, plus one newly written, Halloween-themed fic. It's an excellent way to gear up for NanoWrimo, or just to get your writing juices flowing again.

triumvirata is a small community of fanfiction writers that routinely present snippets of their work for community opinion. Fandoms vary (Harry Potter, Labyrinth, Rurouni Kenshin and X-Men to name a few) and many of the "big names" from the Rurouni Kenshin fandom can be found there.

100_situations is a community with a large membership that caters to a wide variety of fandoms. Members submit small pieces of written work from their fandom claim; the objective to reach 100.

labyfic is a small community dedicated solely to the Labyrinth fandom. They have regular monthly fiction challenges (themes decided on by the moderators) and very talented members.

eternal_senshi is an icon journal maintained by serita. She largely specialises in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Rurouni Kenshin icons.

niiicko also makes some very witty icons, mostly for the RK fandom, but she branches out into other fandoms regularly.

ushitora_icons is a good place to go when you're looking for icons based on Inu Yasha and other works by Rumiko Takahashi.

anime_bgrounds is a good place to go when you're looking for anime icons and custom made backgrounds.
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